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Solutions For All Love Relationship And Divorce Problems!

Lore Sri Vishnumaya Kerala Kuttichathan Temple serves in Bangalore Karnataka to solve Love Relationship and Divorce problems.Perform Vishnumaya Kuttichathan black magic removal. Contact us for Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple seva to solve personal problems for love issues,love relationship,court divorce cases,husband wife issues,black magic removal which is listed below.,Our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple is located in Thrissur Kerala we provide service to bangalore also we have office in Kollegal,Mysore, Bangalore, These poojas are performed in timing manner for one mandala for 48 days. We provide a Navapashanam Mala with too much of cosmic powers to get your goal reached sooner.

Navapashanam is concentrated with High Cosmic Energy. Its is highly powerful for achieving good health, good energy & life-force, wealth,love relationship and love, abundance.Navapashanam bead is an alchemical bead formulated more than 5,000 years ago by divine Siddha master guru who believe that the energy it releases will eradicate human sufferings from unforeseen diseases. We provide Navapashanam to solve love relationship problems too.Get Immediate fast solutions for love problems, love relationships problems,husband wife divorce cases,financial problems,wealth,voodoo doll removal including witchcraft removal. CLICK HERE to buy Navapashanam online with us for less price.

CLICK HERE to visit our official Vishnumaya Direct website where you can find reviews and videos and more information about our traditionally trusted kerala famous oldest Triprayar KaimanKunnathu pathy Kavu lord Sri Vishnumaya Temple.


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  • How to Solve Love Problems
  • How to Solve Love and Relationship Problems
  • How to Solve Court and Divorce Cases
  • How to Gain Financially Strong
  • How to Solve Doshas or Saabhas
  • How to Get Back your Boy Friend or Girl Friend
  • How to Solve Broken Relationship Issues
  • How to Solve Pitru Dosha
  • How to Overcome from Negative Energy
  • How to Remove Black Magic
  • How to Remove Voodoo Doll
  • How to Remove Witchcraft

VishnuMaya Kerala Kuttichathan Services

  • Love Problems
  • Divorce / Court Cases
  • Love Relationship Problems
  • Husband Wife Issues
  • Land / House Problems
  • Sathru Karmam
  • Stop Marriage
  • VishnuMaya Kuttichathan 21 Karmam
  • Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan 51 Karmam
  • Narayana Bali
  • Bagalamukhi Pooja
  • Milk Payasam
  • Durga Pournami Karmam
  • Voodoo Removal
  • Witch Craft Removal
  • Black Magic Removal
  • Bhagya Sooktha Archana
  • Abichara Karmam
  • Bairavi Chakara Homam
  • Bramha Reksus Pooja
  • Yekshi Karmam
  • Sarpa Samskara
  • Sarpa Bali
  • Ashlesha Bali
  • Thristathu Vilakku Pooja
  • Preda Samskara
  • Pitru Tarpanam
  • Tilak Homam
  • Akarsana Karmam
  • Vashikara Karmam
  • Kadumpayasam to Vishnu
  • kalasam Karmam
  • Sakteya Pushpanjali
  • Aatma Reksha Karmam
  • Sagala Siddhi Karmam
  • Guruthi Puspanjali
  • Sagala Baatha Karmam
  • Maya Mohini Karmam
  • Mandogini Karmam
  • Odian Vashiyam
  • Asta Karma Stambanam
  • Aswaroodam Karmam
  • Tripura Karmam
  • Saktheyavellattu Karmam
  • Vellattukarmam
  • Brahmavellattu Karmam
  • Amavasaya Pooja
  • Thrikala Pooja Karmam
  • Ghee Payasam
  • Sudarshana Pooja
  • Bhagavathy Kaali Seva
  • Sathru Samhara Pushpanjali
  • Alankara Puspanjali karmam
  • Chathan ottu
  • Cock Offering Karmam

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About VishnuMaya Kuttichathan Temple Kerala!

Contact Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur Kerala Bangalore Karnataka to perform Vishnumaya kuttichathan black magic vishnumaya poojas to solve personal problems for love issues,love relationship,court divorce cases,husband wife issues,black magic removal which is listed above. Our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur Kerala Bangalore Karnataka tantric’s performs VishnuMaya Kuttichathan poojas at Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple thrissur kerala which is more powerful and effective.

Our Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur Kerala Bangalore Karnataka Tantric’s visit our clients all over Bangalore Karnataka at Kollegal, Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Hassan, Kukke Subramanya, Gokarna, Srirangapatna for more information call us to discuss more…

Therefore this website is specially designed to provide knowledge about vishnumaya kuttichathan and the story of vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas and what all problems this deity can solve which is listed here in this website. Find out what is your problem and approach us for good solutions from vishnumaya direct kuttichathan temple tantric’s.

Now read the story about Vishnumaya direct kuttichathan origin and his mystical powers.Based on Vedic Hindu mythology Lord Shiva while went for an hunt happened to hear a voice in the jungle there he was said to be surprised to find that the voice belongs to a tribal girl, who was known as Kulivaka.Lord shiva found this girl was beautiful then on he decided to communicate with her but since lord shiva was on his way for hunt so he made this girl to stay for a while in the forest until he return.Once Koolivaka thinks about her deity Parvati she realized that mating with lord shiva would bring forth the wrath of the goddess upon her; but she feared the wrath of Shiva also in case she refused him. She prayed to her Goddess parvathi devi to save her from the predicament. Parvati devi pleased with her innocence prayer and appeared before her and revealed her true identity. In her previous birth Kulivaka was Manaswini, a servant in the retinue of Parvati. One day she happened to breast-feed lord Ganesha who was a baby at that time. Parvati devi didn’t appreciate the fact of a servant breast-feeding her baby. She cursed Manaswini that she would be born in a chandala (outcaste) family. When Parvati’s anger subdued, she took pity on Manaswini then Devi Parvati blessed her that although she has born as a chandala she would get the opportunity to breast-feed the son of Lord Shiva.Devi disclosed that it was the preordained fate that made possible her meeting with Lord Shiva and his passion for Koolivaka. She told the girl that she herself would take on the form of Koolivaka and deceive the Lord Shiva. She also informed Koolivaka that the son born from such a union would be the killer of Jalandhara, a powerful Asura. Thus revealing the course of fate, she sent the innocent girl away.

Koolivaka started swinging on a creeper attached to a tree and awaited for the arrival of Lord Shiva. Lord Shree VishnuMaya direct kuttiChathan child with mystical power was born within their union. Lord Shiva arranged a buffalo for the protection of his child vishnumaya kuttichathan at Kerala.. This child vishnumaya kuttichathan who came to be known as Vishnumaya Kuttichathan was given to Koolivaka for rearing. Thereafter Koolivaka thus becomes the mother of vishnumaya direct kuttiChathan, son of Lord Shiva fulfilling the wish of Parvati devi.

Vishnu Maya KuttiChathan lived with his mother Koolivaka for about seven years. The tribals loved the boy vishnumaya kuttichathan who saved his community them many dangers. Vishnumaya kuttichathan started riding with his buffalo by playing with a musical instrument known as “Ezhara".On his seventh birthday, the tribals held a feast in his honour. During the feast the sage, Narada manifested himself and he revealed to Vishnumaya KuttiChathan about the secret of his birth. Moreover, Narada advised vishnu maya kutti to visit his true parents in Kailasa. He also told Chathan the true purpose of his birth Chathan started his journey to Kailasam with the permission of his foster mother and friends. He rode on his buffalo to Kailasam. When he was about to reach Kailasam he realized that Nandikeshwara would not allow vishnumaya kuttichathan to enter Kailash in his present form. So he took the form of Lord Vishnu.After seeing the presence of their son, Lord Shiva and Parvati devi were very happy and accepted their son. Lord Shiva blessed him, saying, “You invoked the form of Vishnu by Maya (magic). So you will be known as Vishnu Maya". Moreover, he taught him the art of warfare and the secrets to kill Jalandhara (an asura who had been harassing the Devas shiva blessed him, saying, “You will be invoked by the form of Vishnu by Maya black magic god to all our followers. So from now on you will be known as Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan.

Moreover, Lord Shiva taught him the art of warfare and the secrets to kill Jalandhara (an asura who had been harassing the Devas).alandhara was an asura who had got a boon from Indra and he was terrorizing the three worlds (Heaven, Pathala (Nether World) and Earth). Chathan challenged him to battle. After a fierce battle, Chathan took the form of Sudarshana Chakra with his Maya to behead Jalandhara. Sensing danger, he escaped and hid himself in the seas. Chathan as Chakra followed him. Due to the heat of the fiercely revolving Chakra the water where Jalandhara was hiding started to boil. Unable to bear the heat, Jalandhara came out and he was promptly beheaded. Thus came the end of Jalandhara. With the killing of Jalandhara, the power of Chathan was recognized by the Devas. Indra invited him to Heaven but vishnumaya kuttichathan refused to join heaven and Chathan joins among the poor people who needed his protection.

VishnuMaya direct Kuttichathan returned to his own people.Another powerful Asura called Briga saw Koolivaka in the forest and wanted to take her as his wife. He had come with a large force and tried to capture her. Chathan along with his elder brother, Karimkutty resisted the attack. Chathan was injured in the conflict. From the blood that fell on the ground, there arose 400 “Kuttichathan"s. Sensing his immediate defeat, Briga used ten Brahmastra against Chathan, ten Kuttichathan valiantly swallowed the weapon and gave up their life. The remaining 390 Kuttichathan defeated the army while Chathan killed Briga with his Kuruvadi (short Stick).If one worship vishnumaya kuttichathan with dedication for 41 days of mantras,karmas,and parihara poojas the person will be blessed by vishnumaya kuttichathan and his 390 brothers.

From our website who performs any vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas will be provided with Vishnumaya Kuttichathan moola mantras which will be more powerful to achieve any goals in their lives quickly.

Note : Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur Kerala Bangalore, Karnataka poojas are performed on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday from 12 pm till 3 am. Call us for online bookings.

Note : Donate any money as your contribution to Handicapped people and Orphanages through us…

Any followers of our deity vishnumaya kuttichathan swami can donate or can perform vishnumaya kuttichathan poojas with us. CLICK HERE to Visit Our Blog

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple Thrissur Kerala Poojas are performed by well practiced tantric’s at our premises so please do not perform or try to to perform these poojas without any instructions from our tantric’s.

Sagala Baatha Moorthigal Bedangal

  • RAVI – Shivabhoothagalaya ( Veerabathran), Kaaladamastran,Yaje Nhootham,Sringala Karupan
  • CHANDRAN – Ganga Yekshi, Vana Bhoothi, Kabaligha, Neeja Chamundi, Dhurmarthini, Manathaara
  • KUJAN – Bhairavan, Narashimham, Sabharan, Sharabhan, Puliya Bhagavathy, Raktha Chamundi
  • BUDHAN – Maadhula Predham, Jora Bhootham,Kinnerey, Haha,Hoho, Jala Pisajan, Jaladharan
  • GURU – Abhasmaran, Yekshi, Nambhu Saga Devathai, Jeevaaga Paathan Bhasma Pijaj, Mooghan
  • SUKHRAN – Vishnumaya, Devalaya Yekshi, Chulazhi Chunday Bhagavathy, Mathuraiveeran
  • SHANI – Kutti Chathan, Jeeda Valkal, Aghooran, Vettiku Oru Maghan, Kaala Bhairavan
  • RAGHU – Naaga Gendervan, Kubhidhan, Visha Fook, Thatchagan, Vasukhi, Anandhan
  • KETHU – Peychi,Vasoori Maala,Chemula Kori,Mamisha Foji,Raakaachi,Mashana Kaali
  • MANDHIK – Dhurmurdhi Predha,Maarana Kaali,Stambhana Bhootham,Chudhala,Shakada Schamaran

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